South Florida Fair Ministry

January 16- February 1, 2009
The Palm Lake Baptist Association has been ministering to the needs of the carnival employees of the South Florida Fair for over 20 years.  The ministry includes, but is certainly not limited to:
Spiritual counseling
meal service
free clothes/shoes/blankets
free haircuts 
shuttles to doctor/hospital visits
getting perscriptions filled
coffee and drink service
just plain friendship
Our very own Jamie Gregory has been serving since the beginning of this ministry and has toted her children, even as infants, out there every year.  Her children are so experienced they could practically run the place. 
How do we help?
While Jamie and her children are part of the backbone of the ministry, our church family has provided boxes and boxes of clothes, meals, water, hundreds of man hours, and money.  Our Connection Groups have used this ministry as a way to contribute together.  The Student Ministry has made and distributed lunches, as well as volunteered in the clothes shop. 
How can you Contribute?
You can sign up as an individual to take a turn serving coffee and snacks, you can volunteer to cut hair, you can sort clothes, or you can provide Spiritual counseling.  We really desire to have our Connection Groups sign up to prepare and serve dinners to the carnival employees.  Let your Connection Group leader know that you want your group to contribute. 
Contact Pastor Tate if you want to contribute to this ministry.