October 2014

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September 29 – October 4: Secured with Confidence
Main Passage for October 5 – Hebrews 4:14-5:6 HCSB

Mon Hebrews 4:14
Tues Hebrews 4:15
Weds Hebrews 4:16
Thurs Hebrews 5:1-3
Fri Hebrews 5:4
Sat Hebrews 5:5-6

Memory Verse: Hebrews 4:16
Therefore let us approach the throne of grace with boldness, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us at the proper time.


October 6 – October 11: Don’t Walk Away
Main Passage for October 12 – Hebrews 6:1-8 HCSB

Mon Hebrews 6:1a
Tues Hebrews 6:1b-2
Weds Hebrews 6:3
Thurs Hebrews 6:4-6
Fri Hebrews 6:7
Sat Hebrews 6:8

Memory Verse: Hebrews 6:10
For God is not unjust; He will not forget your work and the love you showed for His name when you served the saints – and you continue to serve them.

October 13 – October 18: Only Jesus Saves
Main Passage for October 19 – Hebrews 7:23-28 HCSB

Mon Hebrews 7:23
Tues Hebrews 7:24
Weds Hebrews 7:25
Thurs Hebrews 7:26-27
Fri Hebrews 7:28
Sat Psalm 110:4

Memory Verse: Hebrews 7:25
Therefore, He is always able to save those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to intercede for them.

October 20 – October 25: Only Jesus Transforms
Main Passage for October 26 – Hebrews 8:1-13 HCSB

Mon Hebrews 8:1-2
Tues Hebrews 8:3-5
Weds Hebrews 8:6
Thurs Hebrews 8:7-9
Fri Hebrews 8:10-12
Sat Hebrews 8:13

Memory Verse: Hebrews 8:12
For I will be merciful to their wrongdoing, and I will never again
remember their sins.
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