About A51 Student Ministries

A51 Student Ministries is the High School/Middle School Student ministry of First Baptist Church of Royal Palm Beach.  The name Area 51 was given to the old Air Force Flight Test Center located on the edge of Groom Lake outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.  UFO conspiracy theorists believe that this facility was used by the government as an alien test center.  We are identifying with the concept of being aliens living in a strange land. 
In John 17:16-18 (HCSB) Jesus states, “They are not of the World, as I am not of the World.  Sanctify them by the Truth; Your Word is Truth.  As you sent me into the World; I also have sent them into the World.”

Area 51 Student Ministries is designed to:

  • Share the Gospel of Jesus with high school and middle school students
  • Disciple students who have a relationship with Jesus through the reading and teaching of the Bible
  • Equip students for active ministry
  • Provide ministry opportunities for the students
Pastor Tate Soles