The Basics of S.O.A.P.
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Middle and High School Summer Events

June 27        MIDDLE SCHOOL    Ice Skating at Skate Zone  Join us for a session of Ice Skating at Skate Zone in Lake Worth. Cost is only $15 per student plus lunch money. We will be leaving from the Church at 1:30 PM and returning at 4:30 PM.

June 27        HIGH SCHOOL    Bowling and Mini Golf   Think you can get a hole-in-one or a strike? Well, for only $25 you can prove it on our night of bowling and mini golf. We will be leaving from the church at 8:00 PM and will be returning around 12:30 AM

July 21         MIDDLE SCHOOL   Lake Trail Bike Trip   Have you ever wanted to ride along the intercoastal and breathe in the fresh sea air? Ride with us! We'll be leaving from the church at 8:30 AM and returning at 5:00 PM. You'll need to bring your own bike and pack a lunch and plenty of water.

July 28         HIGH SCHOOL   Service Project/Beach Day  Help us wash an airplane or two and then relax on the beach. We'll be leaving from the church at 8:30 AM and returning at 6:30 PM. Wear some comfortable clothes and be sure to pack a lunch and your beach gear.

Wednesday Night Summer Schedule

June 11      Take Me Out To The Ballgame   Come dressed for a night at the ballpark.  We will have hotdogs,  popcorn, and a huge game of wiffle ball.

June 18      Freaky Friday (Parent Night)  Bring your parents (dressed like you), but come dressed as your parents.

June 25      90's Night  Come dressed in your favorite 1990's gear.  Dr. Martens, flannel shirts, baggy jeans, wwjd  bracelets, and the like.
July 2         Patriot Games  Come dressed in your most patriotic clothes, but be ready to
re-enact the Revolutionary War in a giant game of Dodgeball.

July 9         Christmas in July  It's gonna be a Hawaiian Style Christmas!

July 16       Super Hero Night  DC vs. Marvel  Come dressed as your favorite superhero and we will have a giant game of kickball to decide once and for all, which is the greatest comic brand!

July 23       Fake Wedding  Come dressed for a (fake) wedding.  High School students are invited to the reception at Denny's following the ceremony (youth group).

July 30       Duck Dynasty Night Get your beard on, and camo up!  It's gonna be "Quack-tastic"!

August 6    Homecoming  This is for anyone who has ever been to or served in the Youth Ministry at FBCRPB in the history of the church.  It's gonna be great to see everyone!!!

August 13  Battle of the Bands (Lip Sync Style)  Get ready for an epic night of air guitar and lip sync awesomeness!  We only have room for 6 acts, so get your band together and sign up now!!!

Middle School meets in the Activity Center at 9:30 am and 11:00 am every Sunday.  We are working our way through a study on  Living as a Man and Woman of God.  Join us for a small group lesson/discussion that will help you discover what it means to live out your faith in this crazy world. 

High School meets at 9:30 am and 11 am in Room 201 at the top of the stairs (outside the Worship Center).  We are involved in topical studies that will hit many relevant issues that a High School student will face in our culture. 

If you are in high school and are interested in the One to One mentoring, or in joining an adult UCL class, talk to Pastor Tate (or send an email) and he will help you make it happen.